How to Incorporate Nature into the Funeral of a Beloved

One of the most trying and difficult times in the life of a person is when they have to bid goodbye to a loved one forever. A personalized funeral service - one that is tailored to the deceased’s memories - is a fitting celebration of their life and also a great way to honor them in their death.Read more

3 Environmentally Sustainable Funeral Ideas

Research has found that traditional burials and cremations pose major environmental concerns, including soil erosion, air pollution and a excess energy consumption. While this may not be something that you would be inclined to discuss after the death of a loved one, it deserves your attention.Read more

How to Plan a Memorial Tree Ceremony to Honor a Loved  One

A tree makes a lasting memorial for someone that you deeply love, with its lush foliage symbolizing the person’s legacy even after they are gone. This is why so many people take to the idea of creating a living memorial. However, when the time comes to actually plan the ceremony, uncertainty looms large...Read more

4 Ways to Store the Beautiful Memories of Your Pet

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most traumatic experiences that a pet parent can go through. Whether it is sudden or expected,the grief and distress that come with the passing of a pet is both intense and unequaled, similar to how a person might grieve on the loss of a family member or friend...Read more

Traveling With Cremation Ashes – Know The Airport Guidelines

The loss of a family member or friend is an emotionally trying experience. And the additional stress of traveling with the ashes by air can only add to the distress. So, knowing what to expect when you reach the airport or board the flight can make this painful situation a little less challenging, mentally as well as emotionally...Read more

Biodegradable Urns - Return Cremation Ashes to Earth

A number of people searching for more characteristic approaches to say farewell to a friend or family member; ways that are wonderful and meaningful but don't harm the earth. As more people choose cremation, they also search for products that enable them to scatter the ashes in simple, easy ways. Maybe you might not have heard about them, but there are natural urns that can be put into use as well. These are called biodegradable urns..Read more

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