How to Incorporate Nature into the Funeral of a Beloved

One of the most trying and difficult times in the life of a person is when they have to bid goodbye to a loved one forever. A personalized funeral service - one that is tailored to the deceased’s memories - is a fitting celebration of their life and also a great way to honor them in their death. If the departed was a nature-lover, you can personalize the service by incorporating nature into it. Here are some ways in which you can do that:

1. Have an outdoor service

If the weather permits, you can hold the funeral service in an outdoor location. You can hold it on a beach, a park, or by a lake or river. An outdoor location can help alter the atmosphere of the service, with a sunny day casting a glow of hopefulness over an otherwise gloomy occasion.

2. Opt for a green burial

What better way to honor the deceased’s love for nature than by opting for a green funeral. There are many methods of the green funeral, including natural burial and cremation. Read our blog on green funeral ideas to learn more. These natural ways of a body going back to the earth eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and materials that may cause damage to the surrounding environment.

3. Scatter the ashes or bury them in a biodegradable urn

You can choose a special and meaningful location where you can scatter their ashes. You can keep this ceremony as intimate and personal as you want, inviting only close friends and family of the deceased to take part in it. Similarly, you can also bury the ashes in a biodegradable urn.

4. Choose products that are related to nature

You can display photos and meaningful belongings of the deceased in a nature-themed setting. You can use themed urns like our Garden Collection urns that reflect the beauty of nature. You can tie the theme to other items of the funeral, such as invitation cards, memorial cards, and programs.

Planning a funeral the right way can ensure a lasting legacy of your loved one. Celebrate their life and love for nature.

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