4 Ways to Store the Beautiful Memories of Your Pet

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most traumatic experiences that a pet parent can go through. Whether it is sudden or expected, the grief and distress that come with the passing of a pet is both intense and unequaled, similar to how a person might grieve on the loss of a family member or friend. While it may seem unfair that our pets’ lives are so short, finding a personal way to say goodbye and remember them is the best way to celebrate their spirit and memory.

Here are four ways in which you can honor the memory of your pet:

Hold a memorial service

A memorial service is a great way of bringing together everyone who meant the most to your pet, share memories and talk about what made him or her so special. You can hold a memorial service at any place that feels right to you, whether it is your backyard, your pet’s favorite park or a pet cemetery.

Create a living memorial

Your pet may have spent a better part of their lives digging up you flower bushes, but using your pet’s cremation remains to create a new garden in their owner is a beautiful gesture. Using the remains to plant a tree or garden will give you a lasting, living memorial for many years to come.

Donate to an animal charity

Not all animals are as fortunate as your pet was. Many spend their lives in animal shelters and foster homes. Donating to charities that tirelessly work to get these animals a healthy life and a loving home is a wonderful way of honoring the memory of your pet.

Buy a display urn

After your pet’s cremation, you can get his or her ashes transferred to a beautiful keepsake pet urn. You can then display the urn prominently in your house, whether it is in his or her favorite room or near their favorite napping spot.

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